2014 Recap + Planning Ahead

Dear friend,

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done to support Presonomics in our efforts this year.

Although our “year” at Presonomics was shorter than yours (we just started in July), we have accomplished a lot in such a short time. As such, we have much to be thankful for:

  • Phenomenal board of directors

  • Growing base of support

  • Innovative first project

  • Impressive social media presence

  • Talented volunteers

  • Big plans

  • Solid start to fundraising

Phenomenal board of directors

We are acutely aware of the importance of a strong board of directors to guide Presonomics in its endeavors, especially in these early days. That’s why I am so grateful for our robust board that includes, among others, a Harvard-educated law professor and a well-connected MBA with over a decade in the construction industry. If you haven’t already, please check out our board members’ bios at our team page---you’ll be impressed!

Growing base of support

Ever since we had our “grand opening” press release in early November I have heard nothing but positive feedback from people I’ve met within and without the cultural heritage world. As I represented Presonomics at the National Preservation Conference last month I was encouraged by the enthusiasm expressed by everyone about our mission and goals. I can feel the momentum starting to build and I’m excited to continue getting the word out about Presonomics. 

Innovative first project

If you have heard anything about what we do, I hope that you are familiar with our ambitious first project: the Presonomics Open Access Repository (POAR, pronounced like “pour”). Since we want to become a one-stop shop for everything related to preservation economics, we think that it is essential to collect and make available (for free) all publications on this topic. Once all “presonomics” data is centralized in one database, researchers can potentially make new discoveries by mining the data to reveal previously unknown connections between economics and saving historic places.

Impressive social media presence 

We are a startup nonprofit born on the internet without a physical office and without geographic limitations. Naturally, we have a substantial---and growing---presence in the social media world. Our social media team does an incredible job of creating and sharing compelling content related to history, architecture, and the economics behind it all. We are happy to engage and love talking to people via social media. So if you or your friends aren’t already connected with us, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+. Come join the conversation!

Talented volunteers

In addition to our regular volunteer interns on the social media team, Presonomics has been honored to accept talent donations from several other volunteers. Most notable are: Brad McGaughey, who directed our evocative crowdfunding promotional video; Trisha Fenn, who took many amazing photographs for our digital media collection; and Sandra Hendow, who designed the Presonomics logo and helped animate parts of our promo video. If you want to get involved, the best thing you can do for us is to help raise awareness by talking about Presonomics on social media and in-person with your friends and family. Just sharing this newsletter would be wonderful.

Big plans 

While our primary work for 2015 will be the creation of POAR (mentioned above), we have plans for several new ventures that will further our mission and help round us out as an organization. I won’t go into details just yet, but I will give you a taste by saying that (1) we will soon be offering special paid services at a discounted rate and (2) we also hope to expand into a new area of digital media/entertainment by mid-2015. Stay tuned! 

Solid start to fundraising

We’ve been crowdfunding for almost a month now and I have been pleased with the results. Considering that Presonomics is a brand new organization that is in the infant stages of building a network of supporters, I am happy that we have already raised close to $1,000. With these funds, we have been able to cover all of our expenses for 2014 and have a little left over! Of course, we still have much more to go in order to reach our goal of $10,000 so we can make the Presonomics Open Access Repository a reality.

Please consider donating any amount you are able to give. With fun rewards like social media shout outs, t-shirts, and legal consultation via video chat, there is much we can offer you in return for your donation. If you run a business, we even offer advertising packages for your higher level donation. Click here to donate or to learn more about our current fundraising campaign.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or other feedback, you can reach us on social media or contact me directly via email, phone, or text messaging. Thank you again for your support. On behalf of Presonomics and our entire team, I hope you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!


Clint Tankersley

Executive Director & General Counsel
Presonomics, Inc.
[email protected]
Twitter: @preservelaw
"Saving Money by Saving Places"