Introducing HiFi History

We have a new podcast that explores the possibilities of preservation: HiFi History! Check it out to learn from the experts about pressing issues and innovations in the arena of cultural heritage conservation.


We promote the economic benefits of saving historic places.

Every day historic places are underutilized, neglected, and demolished. How can we save them? What's the best argument for preserving our built heritage? Where are the resources that will help persuade decision-makers?

Enriching individuals and communities.

Old buildings are vital to a community's economic well-being. Communities that save their history are rich in jobs. History-friendly neighborhoods are more likely to enjoy increased property values. And keeping around historic places is great for tourism (which brings in outside money), for keeping businesses and jobs local, and for attracting young people.

In many places, however, preservation is the exception, not the rule. We aim to change the way the public thinks
about cultural heritage conservation.



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