New Nonprofit Promotes Economic Benefits of Preserving Historic Buildings

Will offer free online repository of all case studies about preservation economics


ATLANTA (Nov. 10, 2014) – We are pleased to announce the launch of Presonomics, Inc., a national nonprofit that promotes the economic benefits of preserving historic buildings.

Founded by attorney and historic preservationist Clint Tankersley, Presonomics (preservation + economics) hopes to save historic places by emphasizing preservation’s economic and social benefits.

“We see a wide communication gap between preservationists, who love old buildings for their intrinsic value, and decision makers in government and private enterprise, who probably just care about the bottom line,” said Tankersley. “To solve this dilemma, I started Presonomics as a way to inform the public about the financial rewards of saving historic places and to empower preservation advocates with all the hard data to back up their claims.” 

Numerous studies have demonstrated that historic preservation creates jobs, boosts property values, stimulates tourism, and attracts new funding to low income areas.

As the first step to becoming the worldwide clearinghouse for all things related to preservation economics, the nonprofit’s initial project is to create the Presonomics Open Access Repository (POAR). POAR will be a comprehensive and user-friendly open access (meaning online and free) repository of all extant publications about preservation economics, organized by cities, counties, and states. 

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